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General Questions

Q. How much will the cleaning chemicals cost per month?
A. Our Chemical packs last around 2-3 months and retail for £34.99

Q. How good is your aftercare?
A. Customer care is our priority in business, we like to make sure that every customer is happy. We have been rated by previous customers to have a brilliant after service record and will continue to each and every new hot tub buyer. All parts are easy to get hold of in case of any problems.

Hot Tubs Installation:

Q. What electrical supply is required?
A. Our hot tubs require a 32A supply. We also sell 13a Hot tubs and the full details on what is required can be seen on the electrical requirements page.

Q. Can I install the electrical supply myself?
A. No. A registered electrician will need to visit and install a circuit breaker (fuse) in your electrical consumer unit and run a cable to near your hot tub. A waterproof isolator switch will need to be installed about 2 metres away from your spa. Don't worry about this because it is no more complex or expensive than installing an outdoor water feature i.e. fountain pump.

Q. How do I fill and drain the Hot Tub?
A. Using a garden hosepipe you fill the tub. To drain: a hosepipe can be connected to the drain valve which is provided so you can empty the spa.

Q. What is the weight of a Hot Tub?
A. Ranges from 300-350kg depending on the model and when full weight around 2000kg.

Q. Will the hot tub fit through a door?
A. Please check our pre delivery requirements on the website for clearance dimensions.

Q. I do not have a garden access; how do I get the hot tub into my rear garden?
A. A crane or HI-AB will be sufficient depending on the distance required and are not expensive to hire.

Q. Do I need to have water connected all the time?
A. No. Just fill from a garden hose and top up as required. We recommend changing the water every 3 months or sooner.

Q. Can I install my hot tub in a conservatory or pool closure?
A. Yes. Hot tubs can be installed anywhere as long as there is adequate clearance for installation but we recommend that they are installed nearby an extractor when installed indoors.

Q. Can I use the hot tub immediately after I apply the first dose of chemicals?
A. No. You must wait for 8-12 hours after first applying the chlorine. It will need this time to heat-up from cold anyway.


Q. What maintenance is required and how long does it take?
A. Maintenance is easy. About 20 minutes a fortnight to check water condition and add chemicals as required. Half an hour a month to clean the filter, 2 hours every 3 months to empty and refill the spa. Failure to conduct these basic maintenance checks will result in any warranties being void.

Q. How long does the filter last?
A. This is dependent on usage of the pool and the degree of maintenance to the filter. (3-6Months). See our maintenance plans for more information. Failure to conduct these basic maintenance checks will result in any warranties being void.

Q. How are chemicals introduced to the pool?
A. After testing the water (e.g. with tester strip) any relevant chemicals are simply sprinkled in the pool. E.g. Check colour shade on test strip to see if each of the 5 tests falls in to the required shade range. If for example Free Chlorine is too low add chlorine granules at the specified rate. Or - if pH level is too high adding dry acid at the specified rate-or too low add soda ash at the specified rate (It is very simple). Please refer to the manual for more information.

Q: What does your warranty cover?
A. Our warranties cover all components on our hot tubs. For more information regarding warranties, please visit our warranty page.