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Order Process

So You've decided to purchase one of our hot tubs,but don't know what happens next or what to expect? No Problem, this guide will give you a total insight to the step by step process that the HotPriceTubs team works to, so you can be sure that we are offering every customer transparency & consistency.

1. Call To Order

The First Step is to call our office to place your order. Be ready to have the following information to hand:
Delivery & Invoice Address
Email Address
Phone Number
Hot Tub of Purchase
Debit/Credit Card Details.

2. Make Deposit Payment

Your HotPriceTubs sales rep will reserve your hot tub on the system for 24 hours, giving you time to review the invoice issued to you.
On the invoice, there will be payment instructions on the bottom, giving you the opportunity to make payment via BACS, or Debit/Credit Card. (3.5% charge for a credit card) This payment should clear with us within 24 hours and then the hot tub you reserved will permanently become assigned to you!
You will be emailed a receipt of your payment and updated on the outstanding amount on your account once payment has cleared.

3. Preparatory Work Completion

Now is the time for you to ensure that all the preparatory work is complete before your quoted delivery time. This includes:
1. Arranging Access for our team (full details on delivery & installation page)
2. Arranging relevant electrical supply local to installation site.

4. Logistics Date Issue

The next step of the process is for our logistics team to issue you a delivery date for your hot tub. The timescale of this is totally dependent on stock, lead times and seasoning. Typically, the timescale for when you will receive a delivery date will be around 2-3 weeks before your delivery date. That means that if you were quoted 6-9 weeks delivery time, it may be up to 6-7 weeks after you pay your deposit before you will have a delivery date.
You can request updates on your order by emailing

5. Final Balance Payment

Once you have your delivery date you have between then and the date of your delivery to arrange your final payment. This can be done via BACS, debit or credit card (3.5% charge for a credit card) or cash payments.

6. 4h Time Slot

You should be given a 4-hour time slot around a week before your delivery date. This is to enable you to prepare for someone to be available at your property during this time. It should be noted that this time window does not account for bad weather, delays, or traffic. Updates will be channelled through the logistics team if there are any as they receive them.

7. Actual Date Of Delivery

So, the date is finally here! You've got all the preparatory requirements in place; all obstructions are moved and your access path is clear for the team to position your brand new HotPriceTub. Once the hot tub is positioned, before leaving, the drivers will demonstrate the components of the hot tub and show the functions.
Note: Our team do not fill or wire your hot tub for you and they do not assemble any extras e.g. steps, cover lifter. The customer will be responsible for removing the packaging.

8. Validate Warranty

Once your hot tub has been positioned & the delivery team have left, you have 14 days from this date to validate your warranty on our website. It won't take long, but it's essential to do this as HotPriceTubs are unable to honour any warranties after 14 days and has not been validated.
Your Statutory Rights will not be affected.